Traditionally, 2D-videos certainly have their value, but in certain situations a 360° video can offer a clear added value. Some arguments: 

  • It is possible to film a full 360° environment, without constantly pointing or moving the camera to a certain perspective of interest.
  • It is perfectly possible to make a 360°-video on your own, as you can simply place the 360° camera in a surrounding and then move freely through the room, so no one is needed to follow the designer back and forth with the camera.
  • Using a VR headset, it will feel as if the 360° environment is real. So there is a high degree of authenticity and immersion, because a virtual version of the reality is created.
  • A user can make themselves familiar in a completely unfamiliar environment.
  • It is always a safe, yet very authentic and realistic environment. There are various environments that are not accessible for the average person, such as Clean Rooms, labs, archaeological excavations, etc.
  • The 360°-environment can always be called up and revisited.