There are cases where “only the front” may be of interest at first, such as in cases of video analysis for reflection or observation of behavior. However, experience has shown (see Feurstein, 2019) that “only the front” is oftentimes a result of how you position the camera. In some cases it may be that “only the front” is important at first but after viewing the scene additional points of interests arise which can sometimes be located just outside the 180-degree viewing angle. In these cases it is useful to have the complete surroundings available. On top of this it is not easy to only record the front camera of a 360°-video camera. If there is a special requirement for recording only 180° we recommend to use the Vuze XR camera which offers a foldable camera allowing you to switch to a 180° mode easily.

Feurstein, M. S. (2019). Exploring the Use of 360-degree Video for Teacher- Training Reflection in Higher Education. In S. Schulz (Hrsg.), Proceedings of DELFI Workshops 2019 (S. 153–160). Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.z.