How to use the SEPA360 Video Library

The SEPA360 Video Library

The SEPA360 project hosts a 360°-Video Library, offering a way to curate different 360°-video-based learning scenarios from a diverse range of educational disciplines. You can reach the library via the following link:

The 360°-Video-Based Learning Scenario Page

In order to document all 360°-video-based learning scenarios, which were produced during the lifespan of the SEPA360 project, each scenario has a dedicated page consisting of its metadata, title, description etc., as well as a hosted raw video of the 360°-video (hosted via YouTube or Vimeo) and a download link (provided by each partner university), consisting of the actual 360°-video and the Vivista project file.

360 Video Scenario

The Scenario Page for each 360°-video-based learning scenario.

Downloading a Scenario

In order download and reuse a 360°-video-based learning scenario click the download button at the top right: Download Button

You will be prompted to a hosted file (ZIP) from the partner university (contributor) in order to download the scenario. You can then unzip the data and use it standalone or import it into Vivista.

Browsing Scenarios

You can easily search and browse all available scenarios via the following link:

This overview page may also be reached via the following two buttons:SEPA360 Library Overview Icon and SEPA360 Library Overview Button

You may then browse by searching or selecting different parameters you are looking for, such as the didactical design information, immersive dimension, delivery setting, discipline or based on the actual Vivista interactions.

SEPA360 Library Filters

SEPA360 Library Filters