This heavily depends on your 360°-video scenario. 360°-video is not always better than regular video. It depends. 360°-video is more useful in select situations including:

  • Immersion: Video with a need for immersion. If you are trying to create an immersive learning scenario where your students will be using HMDs a 360°-video is the way to go in comparison to regular video.
  • Exploration: Video with the goal of exploring your surroundings. If you are trying to create a 360°-video scenario where students should explore places they cannot access due to travel restrictions, safety issues or simply issues of scalability then a 360°-video is a good fit.
  • Practice-based: Video with a focus on practice-based tasks. If you are trying to capture behaviour, observe your surroundings or want to communicate how to implement or execute a certain teaching scenario, task or the likes, then a 360°-video is highly recommended.