Intellectual Output 5: Academic publications and outputs including a randomised control trial (RCT) trial to demonstrate the differences between learning with traditional materials and 360 degree video resources

Lead by: University of Hull
Due date: August 2022

Finally we will rigorously test and refine the platforms and resources produced during the project resulting in a series of academic publications and reports that will include three international journal articles in high quality, peer-reviewed publications and a high quality pilot to ascertain the learning gains experienced by students who have used the resources from the project, compared to traditional teaching methods and approaches (IO5).


Journal article 1: this will utilise the data collected in the scoping study and focus groups and will explain the current state (as of 2019) in the use of 360 video in HE. This will establish the academic credibility of the entire project and will be widely disseminated to raise awareness in the early phases of the project (see also dissemination strategy). This publication will be lead by the University of Florence
Journal article 2: this article will focus on the infrastructure innovations brought about during the project through the construction and testing of the online environment. It will chart the process in developing and validating the creation of the online environment (Intellectual Output 2). This will be led by PXL College University, Belgium and WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
Journal article 3: this article will use data collected through the RCT undertaken during the project in each of the five universities. This trial will assess the impact of the online platform and selected 360 videos by simulating a variety of real world settings in order to investigate if students who use the platforms perform better in these environments than those who do not. This will be led by the University of Hull.
Publications in professional outputs (led by AUoT ). Each partners will also produce at least two professional publications aimed at practitioners in universities (e.g. an internal blog story or report)

Papers and articles

Exploring the Use of 360-degree Video for Teacher- Training Reflection in Higher Education
Feurstein, M.
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Introducing 360-degree video in Higher education: an overview of the literature
M. Ranieri, I. Bruni, D. Luzzi
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Il video 360 in educazione: una panoramica della letteratura
I. Bruni, D. Luzzi, M. Ranieri
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Η υποστήριξη παιδαγωγικών δραστηριοτήτων με βίντεο 360ο στη εποχή της κοινωνικής αποστασιοποίησης.
V. Barkoukis, V. Papacharisis, K. Burden
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360°-videolessen in het hoger onderwijs
Hustinx, W., Empsen, M., Palmaers, S. & Verbeke S.
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Verbeke, S. & Stouten, I.
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Crowdsourcing paper
Lambropoulos, V. Barkoukis & K. Burden
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Designing and implementing 360 videos in Higher Education. A case study in the area of Food Science and Technology
Luzzi, D., Bruni, I., Pierguidi, L., Monteleone, E., Cuomo, S., & Ranieri, M.
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Ein konzeptionelles Modell zur Gestaltung von 360°-Video Lehr-Lernszenarien im Kontext der Hochschullehre
Feurstein M., Neumann, G.
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