Intellectual Output 3: A library of 360 video scenarios

Due date: March 2022

We will create an online library of inspirational 360 video exemplars and templates to
illustrate how this technology can be used to encourage greater transfer of learning in non formal settings, across many different disciplines and settings. This will feature exemplars in each of the following domains:
– professional settings (e.g. teaching/ nursing/healthcare)
– fieldwork and visits (e.g. environmental studies; geography; science)
– vocational domains (e.g. construction/engineering)
– performance based subjects (e.g. sports science; music, drama)
tourism, languages & heritage. It will result in a library of highly original and transferable 360 exemplars that will inspire more teaching staff and universities to adopt the resources


– Library of 50+ video scenarios (i.e. 10 per partner)
– Support materials to explain scenarios